It’s time to gather the creative forces, and throw together some taiko artists from around Germany into one pot and see what happens!

On June 11 & 12, TAIKO BASTARDS are hosting the first TAIKOLAB event in Hamburg. I’m excited to be working with my fellow Bastards plus Romina Taverna, Ilka Haase, Silke Hanzen and Benni Haas for this project. Tickets on sale now!

Teaching on KaDON!

In 2020, after receiving a message from a stranger in Argentina (Romina from ZenDaiko), I agreed to team up with 3 other taiko ladies from around the world to realise this stranger’s dream of learning and preparing 4 songs (composed by each other) for performance while on the road from Madrid to a gig in Granada, all within 48 hours of the four of us meeting for the first time. When the world shut down, we held onto this dream, constantly reassessing what was possible as the situation changed around us, and as we each changed our own situations. Ultimately, after 1.5 years and with the support of kaDON, we managed to turn our roadtrip into a virtual one and take taiko players from around the world on the journey with us! Thanks for joining us on the road!

Recorded originally as additional material for the course, I’d like to share with you all a small warm up for the hands. Enjoy!

Post-Lockdown Freedom!

TAIKO BASTARDS are transitioning from online band back to the real world of taiko and music. Hooray!

The members of TB are available for workshops under different banners depending on the content, focus, and instructors present. Get in touch if you’d like us to share some bastardly tips!

INGMAR teaches as Kion Dojo in Hamburg and around Europe – with 15+ years experience running his own school and developing a modern and musically unique style in cooperation with Kaoly and TAWOO Taiko Dojo in Tokyo, Japan.

MEL instructs as Melski.Drumfit in Hamburg and teaches/performs as an unbound taiko freelancer wherever her feet land. As a fitness instructor with masters level studies in human anatomy and biology, she applies evidence-based concepts from movement science to the taiko drum.
She also joins Ingmar under the Kion banner as an assistant teacher in Hamburg and abroad.

STEVEN teaches under InnerDrum with regular classes in multiple locations in Belgium, as well as workshops at outdoor festivals of all kinds. He is also our resident handyman should you need tips on drum/stand building and other woodworking matters.

JONAS teaches as a freelancer and can be found on various stages around Germany and beyond, most of the time with WellBad – with masters level studies in music and drumkit and a background in dance, he applies his knowledge and experience to the taiko drum, giving you the tools to open new creative avenues

Of course, we also teach TOGETHER under the TB banner when using TB repertoire to share our taiko skills.

Take one, two, three, or all four!
Each member brings a different approach to playing, teaching and performing… There’s no bad choice 😎

We’d love to hear from you!